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TRANSCOM is the Department of Energy (DOE) unclassified Tracking and Communication Web Application that is used to monitor the progress of Special Nuclear Material (domestic), Foreign Nuclear Material, High Visibility, Off-site Source Recovery Project, Transuranic Waste, Equipment moves, University and any other shipments as authorized.  Authorized TRANSCOM Users, such as DOE shippers, carriers, state and local governments and various federal agencies, can access the web application from their computer or from any mobile device.

Once logged on, TRANSCOM users will have access to shipment information such as positions, messages, mapping functions, routes and bill of lading data. TRANSCOM users will also have access to a 24/7 Support Desk (TRANSCOM Communication Center, commonly referred to as ‘TCC’) where a technically trained System Operator will provide support such as assistance in accessing the system, user training access, shipment schedules and system status information.